Congratulations Coach Brown and Mrs. Sherry Rush

Congratulations to Coach Brown for being named the 2012-2013 WC Teacher of the Year!  Coach Brown works tirelessly to strengthen our students’ physical bodies as well as their character.  Her efforts in facilitating our Willard Way Team and the implementation of this schoolwide positive behavioral support program this year has helped our students be respectful, responsible and ready to learn.  Coach Brown also does an amazing job organizing great activities for our students like Bike Safety, Heart Health Obstacle Course and Field Day.  She is simply amazing!

One of the nominations for Mrs. Sherry Rush as the Staff Member of the Year said that she is the glue that holds WC together.  Ms. Sherry is a blessing to all she comes in contact with.  She helps students, staff members and parents with a smile while keeping the principal in line!  She is gracious and has a wonderful gift of hospitality in making WC such an inviting place to be.  She is a joy to work with!

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