Inclement Weather Procedures

Willard Parents,

A winter storm involving possible accumulation of ice is forecast for late tonight and tomorrow for Southwest Missouri.  We are in communication with the National Weather Service and they are providing updates that are currently uncertain in outcome.  Depending upon a few degree differences in temperature the precipitation could be in the form of snow, sleet, or ice.  Current models indicate that heavier amounts of snow are forecast to the North of the Willard District.  Current predictions indicate only 1-2 inches of snow / sleet along with a small accumulation of ice.  We remind parents that we will post any cancellation on our website along with the local news channels.  The district developed a Late Start Procedure which could also be announced.  If Late Start is announced due to inclement weather the following schedule is utilized for buildings.  The schedule only impacts the Middle School and High School start time.

Late Start
Elementary – normal start and dismissal times.  (8:40 – 3:30)
Intermediate – normal start and dismissal times. (8:35 – 3:30)
Middle School – 9:30 start and normal dismissal time.  (9:30 – 2:30)
High School – 9:30 start and normal dismissal.  (9:30 -2:30)

I encourage parents to use good judgment when driving or allowing their students to drive.  If parents are not confident that conditions are safe, driving should not be attempted.  If you have questions please call office staff at any building.

Dr. Kent E. Medlin
Superintendent of Schools
Willard MO

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