PTO Fundraiser Celebrations

In addition to turning the principal into a “human hotdog”, students also had the opportunity to stay late at school for a bounce party.  Students selling 10+ items enjoyed 6 different inflatable games, slides and obstacle courses.  It was an action packed evening to celebrate their hard work.  Students selling 30+ items indulged in a pizza party with the principal and made their way in-style in Hummer Limousine.  The students’ faces were priceless as they rode in the limo (complete with laser lights, a fireplace and over-sized leather seats–ones they were certain were the last seats Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift sat in).  It was definitely a memorable day for our students.

Thanks to all of our students’ hard work, this year’s PTO fundraiser made $10,200 to support our school.  Each year, the money raised goes to support learning and activities at our school.  Past purchases include school shirts, technology for the classrooms (netbooks, iPads, headphones, SMARTBoards…), a new sound system for the stage, playground equipment, landscaping, teacher appreciate activities and classroom/teacher supplies.  WC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all of our families, our PTO and our school community for your continued support of our students and our school!

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