Teacher/Staff Member of the Year

Willard Central is blessed to have an All-Star staff that serves the needs of our students!  Mrs. Tiffany Houghtaling was named WC Teacher of the year and Mrs. Tammy Dock was named WC Staff Member of the Year at our Terrific Tiger Celebration on the last day of school.

Mrs. Houghtaling is a dynamic educator who has served Willard Central students since the building opened in 1996.  Her commitment to helping her students grow and learn is contagious!  Mrs. Houghtaling has even helped our students and  staff grow by teaching Brain Gym strategies at Community Time.  Mrs. Houghtaling is an excellent teacher and congratulations on this well-deserved honor.

Nurse Tammy earned the Staff Member of the Year award because of her ability to not only help heal the bumps and bruises of students, but also to sooth the hurting hearts of all around her with her sincere smile, untamed laugh and caring shoulders.  She is so beloved by the students that many of her nominations for this honor shared that teachers had to encourage students that a daily visit to the office just to get their dose of Nurse Tammy was not necessary.

Congratulations again to Mrs. Houghtaling and Nurse Tammy and thank you for all you do for the students and staff of Willard Central!

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