Did I Miss Anything?

A familiar saying shares “when the cat is away the mice will play.”  For the past 2 weeks, I have been out of school with the birth of our daughter Ava.  Being out of the building, spreads responsibility across the rest of the staff.  I would like to thank Mrs. Tennison, Mrs. Jones and the office staff for working so hard to keep everything running so smoothly while I was out.   A special thank you to our students and staff as well for continuing the business of learning while I was out.

While the “mice” continued working hard, our students have had fun with their learning these weeks as well.  Our kindergarten students attended a performance program at the high school.  Our 1st grade students visited the Nature Center in Springfield to support their non-fiction wonder writings and living creatures science studies.  Our 4th grade students visited Jefferson City to visit the capital building and see our state’s legislature in action as a part of their MO History curriculum.  On Monday evening, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Mello and Mrs. Chatman hosted our Fine Arts Night.  Thank you for their hard work in sharing our students’ talents and hosting our WC Book Fair.  On Wednesday, the High School Fast Forward students visited Community Time to entertain our students and staff.  It is has been an exciting time of year for our students!  ~ Shane Medlin, Principal

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