Jump Rope for Heart

I am excited to announce the total for this school year’s Jump Rope for Heart event, $2,361.09!  I am very proud of the students who participated in raising funds to help children and their families dealing with heart defects.  I had a number of students giving their own money to the American Heart Association.  It makes my heart hopeful when I see how caring and compassionate our students are when they take that kind of initiative!  It is that type of character that will impact our nation’s view of heart health and overall quality of life in a positive way.

There will be a total of 104 water balloons thrown at me on Field Day!  I will also receive the water hose for a minute and a half!  I sure hope it is hot on May 18th!  Thank you for all of your support toward this year’s event!

Luciana Brown
Physical Education Teacher

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