National Grant Winners!

We often share that Willard Teachers and schools are excellent and this week this claim was backed with proof.  Congratulations to Willard Central 2nd Grade Teachers for receiving the Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education.  Through this endowment, the Freedoms Foundation Organization at Valley Forge honors educators for their innovative efforts to help young people better understand the the function and benefits of America’s private enterprise system.  This year, 12 projects across the nation were recognized for their efforts.  Joining the likes of colleges and universities and secondary mathematics and science trade schools, was our very own Willard Central Elementary 2nd grade team with the “Willard Central Tiger Cafe”.  For the past 2 years, Mrs. Archdale, Mrs. Hockman and Mrs. Pyle have made economics concepts and math come to life with the Tiger Cafe.  Students visit with loan officers from local banks and local restaurant owners on how to set up and run their own business.  Then, students develop their business plan, apply for positions, create menus and set up their restaurants for friends and families to enjoy at school.  Students fill positions including restaurant manager, cooks, hosts, wait staff and clearing tables.  Students then use their earnings to repay their business loan and the profits to purchase instructional materials for their classroom.  This year, the students were able to purchase tablet computers for their classrooms.

In honor of their efforts, Mrs. Pyle, Mrs. Archdale and Mrs. Hockman have been awarded $7500 for these efforts.  Additionally, they will also receive a 4 day trip to Philadelphia, PA for the awards celebration and a guided tour of historic Philadelphia.

To learn more about the Tiger Cafe and see pictures of our students and teachers in action, you can visit our school’s blog at  We are looking forward to another great Tiger Cafe this year.  You will want to RSVP early this year!  I think the guest list will fill up quickly!

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