Central Perk Tech Cafe

The Willard Central Perk Tech Cafe was open for business this afternoon!  Thanks to the help of our teaching specialist, Mrs. Tennison, our teachers spent half of the day in professional development focusing on integrating technology into the classroom to improve student learning.  With a good cup of coffee and some freshly baked treats from Ms. Sherry in hand, teachers spent time working with iPads and iTouches to discover how educational apps could support instruction and reinforce student learning.  They also practiced using Google Chrome Apps, iPadio, and Audacity software programs to enhance reading and writing instruction and ways to help students with their reading fluency.  Finally, teachers investigated new professional resources to support our Daily 5, Literacy Cafe and writing instruction initiatives.

Thank you to our school district and community for investing in our teachers in this gift of professional development time for our teachers.  It is a wise investment that will pay great dividends in student learning in our near future.

Have a great Spring Break and we look forward to seeing everyone refreshed and ready to learn on March 28th.

~ Shane Medlin, Principal

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