WC Students are Heart-Smart

Coach Brown and Coach Stewart have been working to help our students become more physically fit and smart about their hearts this week.  Students have been actively engaged in learning how blood is pumped through our hearts and how it helps our bodies through an interactive obstacle course in PE.  Students work their way through the body obstacle course and the chambers of the heart by carrying oxygenated blood and blood that has delivered oxygen to the brain.  The blood cells are represented by blue and red inflatable balls and students travel through veins (tunnels/maps of arrows on the floor) to oxygenate the blood and keep the cycle going.  It is an engaging, interactive way to teach about the circulatory system and is already a favorite for students and teachers alike.  This interactive obstacle course was purchased as a shared resource for the entire district and will be traveling around to the other elementary schools in the coming weeks.  Take some time to talk with your child about what they are learning and how they can be Heart-Smart!

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