Daily 5 and the Literacy Cafe

Reading instruction has greatly changed since I was a kid (a long time ago!).  “In my day”, we had one book that every student read regardless of the reading level.  Today, reading instruction is differentiated to meet each student’s needs.  Students still learn the same concepts while having the opportunity to identify words and comprehend at their reading level.  This method of instruction allows  the teacher to strategically meet the varied needs in their classroom.  Teachers today have the ability to provide enrichment and remediation at the same time and I am continually impressed by the wonderful instruction taking place in our classroom daily!

To accomplish differentiated literacy instruction, our teachers use the Daily 5 and Literacy Cafe reading structure.  This model allows students to receive instruction and practice in Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding vocabulary (CAFE) daily.  Ask your child about the Daily 5 and CAFE.  Even though it is only the first few weeks of school, they will have a lot to share.  Also, the word of the week is stamina.  From Kindergarten to 4th grade, our students have been working on building their reading and writing stamina.  I am sure they would love to tell you about it!  ~ Shane Medlin, Principal

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