Grandparents’ Day and Fine Arts Night

Willard Central celebrated a wonderful day with Grandparents and Fine Arts Night on Tuesday.  Grandparents were welcomed to WC to cherish their angels using technology, sharing poetry and books they had written, or providing a musical or theatrical performance.  It was an enjoyable event for all and the students were thrilled to show off their learning!

 Tuesday also provided an opportunity for our students to display their favorite pieces of artwork for the year.  Ceramic frogs and busts of famous Missourians were on display for students from kindergarten to 4th grade.  A favorite display for visitors were the 3-dimensional Egyptian sarcophaguses  created by the 2nd grade students.  The visual arts were accompanied by musical performances from all grade levels as well as the book fair in the library.  It was a wonderful evening for all!

***A special thank you to our WC PTO and our WC Food Services Staff for providing refreshments for the day’s festivities!!  These ladies brought a spark to the day and are a blessing for our students, staff and school community!!***

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