Love of Learning

Valentine’s Day is near and the love of learning is in the air at Willard Central. If you were to visit classrooms at WC this week, you would have witnessed 3rd grade students engaged in inquiry-based math instruction using unmarked number lines, manipulatives, multiplication facts and higher-order thinking conversations to solve division problems. In PE, Coach Brown was busy implementing BrainGym strategies to connect physical and brain development with reading instruction. Mrs. Mello was utilizing the interactive smartboard in art class to research the 3-dimensional artwork from the Broadway version of The Lion King to make some phenomenal animal hats with 1st grade students. On Thursday evening, Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Puckett hosted a Family Reading Night to support parents as they read with their children. These are just a sampling of the wonderful instructional activities happening this week at WC.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the ones you love this weekend and we will see you on Monday for a snow make-up day. ~ Shane Medlin, Principal

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