WCE is the Place to Be, Because We Care

“Caring” is the character education word of the month for November.  The students and staff at Willard Central have fully embraced showing how they care for others this month.  Last Friday, was Hats on for Community Service (an idea shared from Willard East).  Each student and staff member could wear a hat for the donation of a quarter or more.  All donations where to help our very Miss Heather Abney and her son Stephen with related expenditures from his cancer treatments.  Together, we raised $300 to bless their family. 

WC also showed they cared through our student council holiday food drive.  Dried and canned foods, toiletry items and cleaning supplies were donated by students and collected by student council for the Willard Food Pantry.  About $1000 in items were donated in our 4 day drive.  It is wonderful to be part of such a generous and caring school community and to see our students embracing helping others in need.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family and loved ones.  May we live out “caring” this holiday season as our students have modeled it for us.

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